Sunday, April 25, 2010

Miss Britney Spears at her finest!

Ah, our ever-so intriguing Britney Spears! After her rocky past, I find it actually refreshing to see her confidence this way. I would high-five her if I had the chance.

Seeing as how we're treated to candid shots of Britney Spears around the clock, she doesn't need to tell us twice that she had an assist in the latest ad campaign for Candie's shoes.

Allegedly, she's not a fan of their work.

According to U.K. paper the Daily Mirror, Spears released the before-and-after pics herself. A source told the pub, "Britney is proud of her body -- imperfections and all."

Is three a trend? These photos arrive just after a makeup-free Jessica Simpson appeared on the cover of Marie Claire and Kimora Lee Simmons fessed up to some major airbrushing in her new campaign.

But Brit's altered photos aren't drastically different. They give a nip and tuck to her waist and thighs and shrink her backside.

The real situation is with her legs. Touched-up Britney has shining, shimmering, skinny legs -- but in the original version, her legs are sporting some major bruises.

Here's hoping the investigation is ongoing ...

-- Denise Martin

Article found HERE

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Charity Never Faileth

“True charity is the desire to be useful to others without thought of recompense”

This campaign starts with Charity. Charity is the means whereby you can give of your time, means and health to help another. There are several ways to be charitable. From a simple smile to opening the door for someone, you can change the world in a positive way. And, if not the entire world, atleast one person's world.
Have you ever watched Extreme Home Makeover? Well, it's my dream to work for that show. Why? Because I love bettering peoples' situations. Wouldn't you love to serve like that? Well...

Here is an opportunity to serve!

Next Monday, April 12th, 2010 the HEART 2 HOME Foundation has organized yet another wonderful project for a family in need!

"The Keuster family of Orem! We're knocking down the home and
building another one in 10 days - this sweet family lost their 9 year
old daughter to swine flu in 2009 and just before the holidays their
home burned. We are ready to help! Come join us!"


Is there anything better you can think of doing on a Monday night? I think not! It's demolition time!! Volunteers are needed and I have already notified Tiffany Berg that my family and I will be there!!
Here's the link for map and directions. Go and fill out a volunteer application if you'd like. Or, just show up Monday. This is a very rewarding project! Hope to see ya there!!