Sunday, April 25, 2010

Miss Britney Spears at her finest!

Ah, our ever-so intriguing Britney Spears! After her rocky past, I find it actually refreshing to see her confidence this way. I would high-five her if I had the chance.

Seeing as how we're treated to candid shots of Britney Spears around the clock, she doesn't need to tell us twice that she had an assist in the latest ad campaign for Candie's shoes.

Allegedly, she's not a fan of their work.

According to U.K. paper the Daily Mirror, Spears released the before-and-after pics herself. A source told the pub, "Britney is proud of her body -- imperfections and all."

Is three a trend? These photos arrive just after a makeup-free Jessica Simpson appeared on the cover of Marie Claire and Kimora Lee Simmons fessed up to some major airbrushing in her new campaign.

But Brit's altered photos aren't drastically different. They give a nip and tuck to her waist and thighs and shrink her backside.

The real situation is with her legs. Touched-up Britney has shining, shimmering, skinny legs -- but in the original version, her legs are sporting some major bruises.

Here's hoping the investigation is ongoing ...

-- Denise Martin

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