Sunday, April 25, 2010

Miss Britney Spears at her finest!

Ah, our ever-so intriguing Britney Spears! After her rocky past, I find it actually refreshing to see her confidence this way. I would high-five her if I had the chance.

Seeing as how we're treated to candid shots of Britney Spears around the clock, she doesn't need to tell us twice that she had an assist in the latest ad campaign for Candie's shoes.

Allegedly, she's not a fan of their work.

According to U.K. paper the Daily Mirror, Spears released the before-and-after pics herself. A source told the pub, "Britney is proud of her body -- imperfections and all."

Is three a trend? These photos arrive just after a makeup-free Jessica Simpson appeared on the cover of Marie Claire and Kimora Lee Simmons fessed up to some major airbrushing in her new campaign.

But Brit's altered photos aren't drastically different. They give a nip and tuck to her waist and thighs and shrink her backside.

The real situation is with her legs. Touched-up Britney has shining, shimmering, skinny legs -- but in the original version, her legs are sporting some major bruises.

Here's hoping the investigation is ongoing ...

-- Denise Martin

Article found HERE

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Charity Never Faileth

“True charity is the desire to be useful to others without thought of recompense”

This campaign starts with Charity. Charity is the means whereby you can give of your time, means and health to help another. There are several ways to be charitable. From a simple smile to opening the door for someone, you can change the world in a positive way. And, if not the entire world, atleast one person's world.
Have you ever watched Extreme Home Makeover? Well, it's my dream to work for that show. Why? Because I love bettering peoples' situations. Wouldn't you love to serve like that? Well...

Here is an opportunity to serve!

Next Monday, April 12th, 2010 the HEART 2 HOME Foundation has organized yet another wonderful project for a family in need!

"The Keuster family of Orem! We're knocking down the home and
building another one in 10 days - this sweet family lost their 9 year
old daughter to swine flu in 2009 and just before the holidays their
home burned. We are ready to help! Come join us!"


Is there anything better you can think of doing on a Monday night? I think not! It's demolition time!! Volunteers are needed and I have already notified Tiffany Berg that my family and I will be there!!
Here's the link for map and directions. Go and fill out a volunteer application if you'd like. Or, just show up Monday. This is a very rewarding project! Hope to see ya there!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

WORKSHOP awesomeness...

Alright my friends, people I don't know, yet people I will soon (hopefully) meet! I have put together this workshop and it is going to be a-ma-zing. I mean, not only are there going to be awesome GIFT BAGS FOR EACH GUEST including yummy snack, makeup, etc. BUT there are going to amazing speakers, CATERED MEALS and fun surprises!

Truly, I am even shocked at how amazing this event is really going to be! I worked very hard and the hard work has paid off. Now, would you like some details?
Here are some things you MUST know about the event:

1. Good job to those of you who have already purchased your tickets! For those of you who haven't, tickets are only $15 through April 20th. After that, they're $20 and then $25 at the door (if there are any seats left)! Now, don't panic! I still have seats left!! About 50 or so.
I have the event being listed in the community calendar, so you might want to hurry because 50 will go fast! click HERE to purchase your tickets.

2. I will have breakfast, lunch, dessert and an afternoon snack for everyone. And believe me, they are going to be delicious! Don't feel you'll be starved at all. You'll be taken care of, I promise!!

3. I am going to do a raffle for an amazing gift basket and then some other prizes. What's a party without prizes?!

4. I WANT TO SEE YOU THERE! This would be a perfect Mother's Day gift (which is May 9th...). I know my mom would love it if i handed her a card with two tickets to spend the day at a wonderful, catered workshop together.

5. I will have a photographer present to snap lovely pictures of the event! So, be camera-ready!

And, that is all for now. If you go to buy your tickets, I have the event outlined. Scroll down to see where to purchase!

Thanks for all the support everyone. This campaign is growing bigger and better than I imagined.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Party Time!

If more of you don't start commenting, I am going to assume I have no one to reward with the contests I have lined up!!! You do not need an account to comment! Simply select "Anonymous" but leave your name!
Hey Readers!
It's time for a Party, don't you think? I DO!
This Party won't be until May 22nd though. I am getting so many details ready for it!

Here's the plan, though, and give me feedback!
Location: NOAH'S

NOAH'S is amazing. They have generously provided a perfect area enough for 85 guests! I know that sounds like a lot, but 85 goes pretty quick. I've already sold 6 tickets and I just barely mentioned it on Facebook 6 hours ago.

Tara Starling is going to come!She is so wonderful! She is going to come show us the tricks-of-the-trade in Makeup artistry! She has worked on the set of High School Musical 1,2 and 3 as well Saints and Soldiers, The Fastest Indian and more! Not only is she a genius when it comes to outward appearance, but she is a perfect rolemodel to what inner beauty is as well. She'll be there teaching us the ins and outs of beauty--literally!

Jessie Clark Funk is coming! Woot Woot! I know you all know her and her music! She is probably one of the sweetest people I have had the privilege of meeting! Her voice is amazing. She will be performing and sharing her thoughts on the importance of Talent and develping those talents to not only benefit you, but others around you!

You can hear some of her music at !!

I'm lining up gift baskets, a service project, goodie bags for each guest, and lots of other things!

I've got more guests lined up for our entertainment! This is "so far".

Throw back any ideas you've got!

P.S. I have the Event on facebook. Join there to get an eclusive invitation and first dibbs on tickets! THEY WILL GO FAST!! Click here to get to the Facebook Event page.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Healthy not Skinny-- what's your 'WHY'?

When I decided to run for Mrs. Utah United States, I instantly started thinking about my platform. I wanted something everyone could relate to, but on different levels. When I've read articles, blogs, Facebook status updates and tweets, I saw a lot of comments about losing weight, getting skinny and looking like a model. I knew health needed to be incorporated in my effort to build a platform.

Everyone has weight loss goals. I have also dealt with the anxiety of trying to lose weight after miscarriages, a baby, illness, etc. But, those are just excuses right? And it seems nearly impossible to get back to my 5'10", 135 lb self I was before I got married. HELLO JACQUE! That was 5 years ago! Sheesh. I just might be a little too hard on myself. What I relate the disgustingly-skinny self I was 5 years ago was my unlimited amount of energy! My metabolism was OFF THE CHARTS! (Sorry mom. I know,I know. I ate all your food)So, I decided I wanted to get back to that. I wanted to have a skinny, skinny waist, perfect body,etc. I started weight loss journey lost track. Everyday it was in my head, "eat this, don't eat that", "run 5 miles or be blubber forever". You know, the normal thoughts that possess every single person's thoughts eternally (please tell me that is normal...). THAT IS EXHAUSTING! I kept watching the scale...what a pain! All that work and I only lost 3 lbs this week! And I sure as heck KNOW I will gain it back next week! Then: FAIL! I got off my diet. I got off my plan. I said, "FORGET IT!" It's a vicious cycle because I then go right back to, "I wish I had unlimited energy..." DING! DING! DING! There it is. I want the energy! I don't want to starve myself to be my old size. I just want to have energy to live like I use to! So, I started doing a little research! I found an awesome analogy attached to my new PERMANENT HEALTH solution.
(e-book from worth every penny!!)

Imagine you're at the top of a huge skyscraper. The wind is howling, you're anxious and nervous. Then, you see a guy at the skyscraper across the street. He says, "Hey! If you walk across this board, I will give you the most amazing body you've ever dreamed of! Small waist, nice butt, toned thighs and arms! Whatever you want!" You stand there, put one foot on the board and the wind starts blowing! You take two steps, but the wind is so ferocious you step back off the board and say, "NO WAY!"

Now, Same scene, except the building across the street is on fire. You look closer and there are you children in the window asking for your help! Do you hesitate? NO! You jump on that board and carefully, slowly make your way across the board through howling winds because you know that if you aren't careful, you're children have no chance.

What's the "WHY" of your diet?

Do you just want to be skinny? That was mine for a long time. But the second the winds started howling and life got crazy while traveling on my plank to the other skyscraper, I got knocked down and quit (for a time. Until I tried again and again and again).

I have considered the second scene. My new "WHY" as to why I am being healthier is so I can have unlimited energy in everything I do. I'm going to be the mom playing on the soccer fields with my kids, not the one on the bench. I am going to be the mom with tons of energy ready to go boating, hiking, traveling, biking, etc.

The message in this post is meant to bring a new light to you. Determination only goes as far as the worth of the end result. Find a strong WHY, not a weak one. You'll find as you start to think of your children, family, future, etc. that you would rather have that carrot than a fruit snack and you just might be the mom running up and down the slides at Kangaroo Zoo with your 2-year-old daughter instead of sitting at the table. Plus, when you just might sneak a few extra cookies (like I did at our Mrs. Utah workshop Saturday :), you don't hate yourself! You don't feel you've failed and you know, " My goal is to be healthy and have energy. A cookie will NOT change that goal." But, If your goal is to be a size 6, that cookie just might ruin it!
A strong WHY is necessary and healthier for your mindset.

Be HEALTHY, not skinny.

What's your WHY? Leave a comment below!

Resources: My health plan is centered around If you are a woman, have hormonal fluctuations (duh, every female does), then this is the site you want to visit. Her book is worth every penny. I have been following her plan and though I've had miscarriages while working on it, I don't feel the anxiety I use to. She has really put everything about fitness and health into a Women's perspective. Her program is Hormonal Timing and I feel necessary for every woman to read about. No crazy machine to buy, no injections, starving, etc. If you need more info or have questions, please comment, e-mail me, or visit her site! She's inspiring!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We need to C.H.A.T.

There you are, standing at the checkout counter at your local grocery store. You're waiting patiently for the person in front of you to finish their loot while you discretely glance at the cover of this weeks issue of People Magazine. Staring you square in the face, the eye-catching cover looks something like this:

'Wow. 'Is your first thought.

You think to yourself about how you wish you were skinny. I mean, comparatively, you most likely aren't as thin as Kate Bosworth in that picture and there's no way you could ever pull of the ribcage-baring bikini like Nicole. So, You pick it up to read just a little about how they stay so thin. All this attention and hype on how thin they are. You're quickly reading through the pages as you hear the beeps of the scanner and the bagger asking, "Paper or Plastic, Ma'am"
"Paper, please.", you say.

You know your time's running out quickly and not having enough time to read "all the craze about their skinniness" you slap that magazine down on the grocery belt and purchase it. You just have to finish reading about how skinny they are, the who's, the how's, the why's. You see the register screen read $3.99 as the clerk scans the magazine. Sheesh, $3.99?
After unloading your groceries at home, you start reading through the pages while flashed with images of skinny models baring almost everything, yet looking magnificently perfect, flawless skin on both male and female celebrities and, oh yes, the every-other-page ads telling you about how you need to purchase 'this item' or 'that item' to "look like the celebrities". Looking at the cover again you think, "How do they always look so perfect?"

Well, what if I told you I know their secret?

I know you've heard of it before: PHOTOSHOP

SIDE NOTE: Before we continue to view cases in which photoshop has been used, please understand that I believe on the photographer's stance, he/she uses it as a tool to perfect a work of art. It is when it is used irresponsibly (ie: make someone look desperately skinnier than they really are to cause buzz, make them bigger, etc.) that you need to understand that what you see is NOT REAL.

Image #1. : The picture on the right side is the original. The one on the left has been photoshopped.

If you ask me, I personally think she is strikingly beautiful in her original picture. She looks real, fresh and I think her freckles suit her.

Image #2. : The image on the Right is the original. The image on the left has been photoshopped.

This was from a J.Crew ad featuring their bathing suits. No, model's thighs are not as skinny as they appear to be in the catalogs. truly, she looks just perfect in the picture on the right. Do you see anything wrong with it? Nope. Neither do I.

Image #3. : The image on the right is the original photo. The image on the left has been photoshopped.

When a model or actor/actress goes in for a photo shoot, they have their own personal make up artist to accompany them in their preparations. Makeup is a wonderful tool I feel every girl should have a chance to try and experiment with. Tara Starling, the makeup artist for all three High School Musicals, the Fastest Indian, Saints and Soldiers and one of my dearest friends said it perfectly when she said,

"So many women see makeup as something to ‘fix’ what is wrong with them, but this view enslaves us to the false belief that we are somehow defective. We are not. We are each inherently beautiful, and when we see makeup as a tool to celebrate that beauty, it then becomes an empowering form of healthy self-expression...We ARE beauty! The rest is just having fun with great products and exploring all the facets of our individuality.”

Makeup is a wonderful addition to help perfect and hide blemishes, but even on some celebrities and models, the best techniques out there won't hide uneven skin.

Image #4.: The image on the right is the original photo. the image on the left has been photoshopped.

Two different magazines and, surprisingly, two different Beyonce's.

Image #5. : The image on the right is the original photo. The image on the left has been photoshopped.

Really, he is a handsome guy! But, just remember, even your favorite male celebrities can be photoshopped to look perfect.

***Personally, I don't mind when a person has been photoshopped to smooth out skin or to remove a scar, etc. I DO mind when their hips have been distorted to a size that isn't even possible for their own body. ***

Image #6. : The image on the RIGHT has been photoshopped. The image on the LEFT is the original.

Even candid shots from red-carpet events have been tampered with. She's beautiful though.

Image #7. : The image on the right is the original photo. The image on the left has been photoshopped.

I think she's a pretty girl. I like to see a little shine on a models face, don't you? It reminds me she's human!

Image #8. : Well, I'm pretty sure about 99% of all the women in America have looked through a Victoria's Secret catalog envying their ever-so-perfect bodies. Yes, yes, even I have fallen victim to the thoughts of how to get my body to look THAT amazing. But now, my only thought is, " If they could photoshop an actual human out of this picture, cellulite-reduction must be an even easier task!"

If all these images you see are mostly photoshopped, don't you think, for reaction's sake, it's possible the magazines and catalogs could photoshop a model or celebrity to look TOO skinny to where their head is bigger than their hips? :

Or maybe they decide to make someone look TOO fat?

Magazine's and catalogs will continue to make-over models and celebrities to perfection, or, unfortunately, to buzz-worthy imperfection.

Looks like the only model you can compare yourself to is the one you see in the mirror every day.

Caution: Objects in mirror are better than they appear.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Your new C.H.A.T.-worthy Role Model is...

Aubri Lyn LeBaron

nominated by
her younger sister
Ashley LeBaron

Ashley wrote in enthusiastically(!!) about how C.H.A.T.-worthy her sister is. Here's what she had to say:

" I would like to nominate my big sister Aubri Lyn LeBaron. Aubri is 18 and she is currently a senior at American Fork High School, and she just got accepted to BYU. Something unique about Aubri is that she has a twin sister, Amber. Aubri is one of my heroes because of her goodness, her integrity, and her hard work.

Aubri is suCh an amazing person and a great example to others. She is the student body vice-president at AF High, and sHe uses that leadership opportunity to help those Around her.
She is great at Reaching out to the kids that maybe don't get a lot of attention and love, and she makes them feel Important and included. One of Aubri's greatest characteristics is her funny personality. It's very hard to be in a bad mood when Aubri is around because she radiaTes self-confidence, happiness, and a love of life. If I am feeling down or doubting mYself, Aubri will crack a joke that makes me smile, cheering me up and helping me feel better.
When Aubri was 5, she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Although this has been a Huge trial in her life, she has seen it as a growing Experience and even an opportunity to better herself. It is not easy to stay physically fit with Diabetes, but Aubri is one of the healthiest people I know. Her determination to eat heaLthy and exercise has always made me want to be healthy too. Aubri is involved in many sports, including being on the high school swim Team and previously being a star basketball and soccer player. Aubri also suffered from shin splints for over a year, making it so she couldn't run (one of her main sources of exercise) and most of the time it Hurt her just to walk. Amazingly, Aubri kept optimistic and determined the whole way, even though she was often in pain.

As for appearance, Aubri is one of the cutest girls I know. Her smile is one of the best things about her appearance! She is naturally beautiful. She has an excellent sense of style, and she knows how to enhance her beautiful features. Aubri is a model for Diviine ModesTee and Kim Boldt Photography. Aubri was a member of PROM Royalty 2009, her junior year.

Aubri has many talents. I would say that her biggest Talent is making others feel good about themselves and making them feel special. Aubri is also a 4.0 student and isn't afraid to challenge herself by taking hard classes like AP Latin, AP College Writing, and BC Calculus. Aubri went on an internship this summer with her twin, Amber, to GenEva, Switzerland to work with the Worldwide Organization for Women (WOW), affiliated with the United Nations. Some of her work as an intern included interviewing refugee womeN and women leaders. Aubri does well at anything that she wants to do and sets her mind to. Her talents include: modeling, singing, drawing, phoTography, tutoring, sports, writing, and being a leader. People look up to Aubri as a leader and her excellent example is followed by those around her. "


I am VERY impressed with our first C.H.A.T.-worthy nominee. She clearly exemplifies the characteristics of a beautiful, confident, loving and successfull individual. I was so touched by Ashley's e-mail!

Aubri, I hope you get a chance to read this and see that you are definitely C.H.A.T-worthy!

Continue sending your nominations to:

with the subject line as: C.H.A.T. Nomination

Have a great day everyone!



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