Monday, March 29, 2010

WORKSHOP awesomeness...

Alright my friends, people I don't know, yet people I will soon (hopefully) meet! I have put together this workshop and it is going to be a-ma-zing. I mean, not only are there going to be awesome GIFT BAGS FOR EACH GUEST including yummy snack, makeup, etc. BUT there are going to amazing speakers, CATERED MEALS and fun surprises!

Truly, I am even shocked at how amazing this event is really going to be! I worked very hard and the hard work has paid off. Now, would you like some details?
Here are some things you MUST know about the event:

1. Good job to those of you who have already purchased your tickets! For those of you who haven't, tickets are only $15 through April 20th. After that, they're $20 and then $25 at the door (if there are any seats left)! Now, don't panic! I still have seats left!! About 50 or so.
I have the event being listed in the community calendar, so you might want to hurry because 50 will go fast! click HERE to purchase your tickets.

2. I will have breakfast, lunch, dessert and an afternoon snack for everyone. And believe me, they are going to be delicious! Don't feel you'll be starved at all. You'll be taken care of, I promise!!

3. I am going to do a raffle for an amazing gift basket and then some other prizes. What's a party without prizes?!

4. I WANT TO SEE YOU THERE! This would be a perfect Mother's Day gift (which is May 9th...). I know my mom would love it if i handed her a card with two tickets to spend the day at a wonderful, catered workshop together.

5. I will have a photographer present to snap lovely pictures of the event! So, be camera-ready!

And, that is all for now. If you go to buy your tickets, I have the event outlined. Scroll down to see where to purchase!

Thanks for all the support everyone. This campaign is growing bigger and better than I imagined.

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