Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Healthy not Skinny-- what's your 'WHY'?

When I decided to run for Mrs. Utah United States, I instantly started thinking about my platform. I wanted something everyone could relate to, but on different levels. When I've read articles, blogs, Facebook status updates and tweets, I saw a lot of comments about losing weight, getting skinny and looking like a model. I knew health needed to be incorporated in my effort to build a platform.

Everyone has weight loss goals. I have also dealt with the anxiety of trying to lose weight after miscarriages, a baby, illness, etc. But, those are just excuses right? And it seems nearly impossible to get back to my 5'10", 135 lb self I was before I got married. HELLO JACQUE! That was 5 years ago! Sheesh. I just might be a little too hard on myself. What I relate the disgustingly-skinny self I was 5 years ago was my unlimited amount of energy! My metabolism was OFF THE CHARTS! (Sorry mom. I know,I know. I ate all your food)So, I decided I wanted to get back to that. I wanted to have a skinny, skinny waist, perfect body,etc. I started weight loss journey lost track. Everyday it was in my head, "eat this, don't eat that", "run 5 miles or be blubber forever". You know, the normal thoughts that possess every single person's thoughts eternally (please tell me that is normal...). THAT IS EXHAUSTING! I kept watching the scale...what a pain! All that work and I only lost 3 lbs this week! And I sure as heck KNOW I will gain it back next week! Then: FAIL! I got off my diet. I got off my plan. I said, "FORGET IT!" It's a vicious cycle because I then go right back to, "I wish I had unlimited energy..." DING! DING! DING! There it is. I want the energy! I don't want to starve myself to be my old size. I just want to have energy to live like I use to! So, I started doing a little research! I found an awesome analogy attached to my new PERMANENT HEALTH solution.
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Imagine you're at the top of a huge skyscraper. The wind is howling, you're anxious and nervous. Then, you see a guy at the skyscraper across the street. He says, "Hey! If you walk across this board, I will give you the most amazing body you've ever dreamed of! Small waist, nice butt, toned thighs and arms! Whatever you want!" You stand there, put one foot on the board and the wind starts blowing! You take two steps, but the wind is so ferocious you step back off the board and say, "NO WAY!"

Now, Same scene, except the building across the street is on fire. You look closer and there are you children in the window asking for your help! Do you hesitate? NO! You jump on that board and carefully, slowly make your way across the board through howling winds because you know that if you aren't careful, you're children have no chance.

What's the "WHY" of your diet?

Do you just want to be skinny? That was mine for a long time. But the second the winds started howling and life got crazy while traveling on my plank to the other skyscraper, I got knocked down and quit (for a time. Until I tried again and again and again).

I have considered the second scene. My new "WHY" as to why I am being healthier is so I can have unlimited energy in everything I do. I'm going to be the mom playing on the soccer fields with my kids, not the one on the bench. I am going to be the mom with tons of energy ready to go boating, hiking, traveling, biking, etc.

The message in this post is meant to bring a new light to you. Determination only goes as far as the worth of the end result. Find a strong WHY, not a weak one. You'll find as you start to think of your children, family, future, etc. that you would rather have that carrot than a fruit snack and you just might be the mom running up and down the slides at Kangaroo Zoo with your 2-year-old daughter instead of sitting at the table. Plus, when you just might sneak a few extra cookies (like I did at our Mrs. Utah workshop Saturday :), you don't hate yourself! You don't feel you've failed and you know, " My goal is to be healthy and have energy. A cookie will NOT change that goal." But, If your goal is to be a size 6, that cookie just might ruin it!
A strong WHY is necessary and healthier for your mindset.

Be HEALTHY, not skinny.

What's your WHY? Leave a comment below!

Resources: My health plan is centered around If you are a woman, have hormonal fluctuations (duh, every female does), then this is the site you want to visit. Her book is worth every penny. I have been following her plan and though I've had miscarriages while working on it, I don't feel the anxiety I use to. She has really put everything about fitness and health into a Women's perspective. Her program is Hormonal Timing and I feel necessary for every woman to read about. No crazy machine to buy, no injections, starving, etc. If you need more info or have questions, please comment, e-mail me, or visit her site! She's inspiring!


  1. I am absolutely impressed. I have never thought of it this way before. Thank you!
    Stacey B.

  2. Stacy,
    I would highly recommend buying her book. She is also on Facebook. She is such an inspiration and knows her stuff well!
    Thanks for reading!

  3. So true!! I'm loving your blog!!

    Alicia W.
    (Sorry, don't have a google account so i'm "anonymous" right now)

  4. That is a good way of thinking about it. you're brilliant!

    -Sasha M

  5. my 'WHY' is my daughter. I want to be there for her like you mentioned. I don't want to keep her from doing what she wants because I don't have the energy to do so.
    Thanks for the tip on the site. i want her book!

    Natalie P.

  6. Honestly Jacque, my "Why" is that I want to look and feel good naked (and in a bikini would be nice too)! Is that a good "why" or is that along the same lines as "I want to be a size 6"? To me it seems like being skinny would make me feel good about myself and confident. I feel like being skinny would make my sex life better (not saying it's bad), would make me not want to put my head down or cross my arms around my waist at the beach. But, lets face it, I had a baby and my stomach is all mushy...and I think only surgery will make it go back. Hmmm....

    I love what you're doing. Wish I lived closer so I could attend some of your events.

  7. Sarah! I don't think that's bad at all!! The direct "WHY" is so you feel comfortable with your husband. That's better than trying to starve yourself to look like a model! As long as your why is more motivating than the scale. Honestly, I would not care at all if my scale never moved as long as I could see the changes I wanted to see. That's the goal!! If you're FEELING better. Having the wrong reasons will ultimately only make you feel worse.