Sunday, February 21, 2010

Your new C.H.A.T.-worthy Role Model is...

Aubri Lyn LeBaron

nominated by
her younger sister
Ashley LeBaron

Ashley wrote in enthusiastically(!!) about how C.H.A.T.-worthy her sister is. Here's what she had to say:

" I would like to nominate my big sister Aubri Lyn LeBaron. Aubri is 18 and she is currently a senior at American Fork High School, and she just got accepted to BYU. Something unique about Aubri is that she has a twin sister, Amber. Aubri is one of my heroes because of her goodness, her integrity, and her hard work.

Aubri is suCh an amazing person and a great example to others. She is the student body vice-president at AF High, and sHe uses that leadership opportunity to help those Around her.
She is great at Reaching out to the kids that maybe don't get a lot of attention and love, and she makes them feel Important and included. One of Aubri's greatest characteristics is her funny personality. It's very hard to be in a bad mood when Aubri is around because she radiaTes self-confidence, happiness, and a love of life. If I am feeling down or doubting mYself, Aubri will crack a joke that makes me smile, cheering me up and helping me feel better.
When Aubri was 5, she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Although this has been a Huge trial in her life, she has seen it as a growing Experience and even an opportunity to better herself. It is not easy to stay physically fit with Diabetes, but Aubri is one of the healthiest people I know. Her determination to eat heaLthy and exercise has always made me want to be healthy too. Aubri is involved in many sports, including being on the high school swim Team and previously being a star basketball and soccer player. Aubri also suffered from shin splints for over a year, making it so she couldn't run (one of her main sources of exercise) and most of the time it Hurt her just to walk. Amazingly, Aubri kept optimistic and determined the whole way, even though she was often in pain.

As for appearance, Aubri is one of the cutest girls I know. Her smile is one of the best things about her appearance! She is naturally beautiful. She has an excellent sense of style, and she knows how to enhance her beautiful features. Aubri is a model for Diviine ModesTee and Kim Boldt Photography. Aubri was a member of PROM Royalty 2009, her junior year.

Aubri has many talents. I would say that her biggest Talent is making others feel good about themselves and making them feel special. Aubri is also a 4.0 student and isn't afraid to challenge herself by taking hard classes like AP Latin, AP College Writing, and BC Calculus. Aubri went on an internship this summer with her twin, Amber, to GenEva, Switzerland to work with the Worldwide Organization for Women (WOW), affiliated with the United Nations. Some of her work as an intern included interviewing refugee womeN and women leaders. Aubri does well at anything that she wants to do and sets her mind to. Her talents include: modeling, singing, drawing, phoTography, tutoring, sports, writing, and being a leader. People look up to Aubri as a leader and her excellent example is followed by those around her. "


I am VERY impressed with our first C.H.A.T.-worthy nominee. She clearly exemplifies the characteristics of a beautiful, confident, loving and successfull individual. I was so touched by Ashley's e-mail!

Aubri, I hope you get a chance to read this and see that you are definitely C.H.A.T-worthy!

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Have a great day everyone!



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  1. I know her!
    She really is all those things.
    I like this blog. A lot.